Send Bibles

How and Where to Send Bibles: New, Slightly Used, Recycled and Old

Bible Senders gathers bibles from all over, in any language and will send bibles free of charge to anyone who asks.  There are literally millions of people who can only dream of having a bible to call their own.  Here in the states, most Christians have 3 or more bibles to help them better interpret the scriptures.  Bible Senders needs your help and wants to encourage every owner of an extra bible to join us in our mission and send bibles for redeployment.

What’s Involved:

Fairly simple 3 step process

1) Grab all the bibles you no longer use or wish to recycle.

2) Check to make sure they are not ripped, torn or have loose or missing pages.  These bibles will not benefit anyone.

3) Place in a sturdy box and send they to Bible Senders at P.O. Box 90 Palm Harbor FL 34682.   The most affordable way to send them is as “Media Mail”.

That’s it, we will do the rest.