About Bible Senders

Who and What is Bible Senders all about?  Bible Senders.org, Bible Senders.com & Bible Senders.net started as a “Grass Roots” Not for Profit group in early 2007 and became a Non-Profit 501c3 in November 2008. Thinking we would probably send out ten bibles a year, we created a simple website and within a few weeks we received one slightly used study bible.  A week later, we received one request from the Philippines for one bible.  So, we took the only bible we had and sent it to the only request we received.  By the end of our first year, we had sent out 250 bibles.  Every year since then, the amount of bibles we have sent out has increased.

 About Bible Senders

The Need Exceeds Availability:

Within our first year, the requests we received grew beyond our ability to keep pace and respond. Within 2-years we had received over one million (yes, 1,000,000) requests for bibles.  The need is so big, we stopped counting but we still kept sending.

Bible Senders Today:

What else about Bible Senders you ask?  Today, Bible Senders has sent bibles to Fifty-One (51) countries on every continent except Antarctica.  If anyone knows of someone in Antarctica in need of a bible, please let us know.  We look forward with expectation to that day.   So, again, who and what is Bible Senders… the name says it all, our Mission Statement goes into greater detail.  

Free Bibles:

We literally receive tens of thousands of requests from people requesting just one bible that they can call their own. For those of us who can walk into any store and pick whichever bible we want, that may be hard to imagine.  Additionally, Bible Senders gets thousands of requests from New start-up Churches. Prison Ministries, Bible Study Groups, Youth Groups, Street Ministries, Health Clinics, Abortion Clinics Homeless Shelters and Missionary Groups here in the U.S and world-wide requesting anywhere from 5 to 20,000 bibles.  While we don’t have the resources to meet every request, we do what we can to send free bibles to anyone who asks anywhere in the world with no obligation to pay.  Of course if everyone took advantage of that we wouldn’t be able to send out very many.

For those who can afford it, we encourage you to give and suggest a donation of $3.00 for bibles here in the U.S and $15.00 for bibles shipped overseas to help offset the costs for those who cannot afford their own bible.  More importantly, we ask that you give according to what’s on your heart, biblesfinances and prayers.

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Do you have questions or do you want to know more about Bible Senders?  Click on the Bible Senders FAQS or send us an email and ask.