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Spreading the Good News in India

Bible Senders – India is another outreach we would like to expand. If I recall correctly, the first bible we sent to India was a few years back, sometime around 2014.  My daughter Jenna was doing our communications then and she received our first letter from India asking for a bible.  She sent 1 bible to 1 family.  Since receiving that one letter, we have received a fairly large volume of mail and emails asking for bibles for India.

I believe the cost was around $35 to send that one bible.  In about a month or so we received a letter back from the family telling us how they were so excited to have the only bible in the village and when they received it, the family gathered around the table, passed it around so they all could look, feel and smell it.  The Word had come into their home.  How awesome is that.

Below are photos of Pastor Babu from West Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh, India. Pastor Babu recently sent us a letter requesting help for his orphanage.  If anyone is planning a missions trip to India, Bible Senders – India would like to partner up with you and provide you bibles to take over.  With the rising costs of international shipping, this partnering program is the most cost-effective and efficient way to spread the Good News around the world.  There are over 1 billion people in India, all we need to do is reach a few so they can reach the many.

If you could help us with Bible Senders – India that would be awesome too. Contact Us

Bible Senders - India

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Bible Senders - India

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Bible Senders - India

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