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 Inbound Prison Bibles

GOD is working his miracles everyday!  Between work, kids, grand kids, prison ministry, Bible Senders and life in general, things have been crazy busy. Yet bibles keep going out. We have sent 400 of 1,000 to students in the Philippines and 500 of 1,500 to Land Of Lakes Prison. Thank you all for your donations and support, we would have done much less without them.  In addition we have continued to reach out to the personal requests for 1 & 2 bibles.


Sending Bibles To Cyprus    Map of Cyprus  A Special shout out to our friend Dave in Oakland, CA.  Dave and his weekly prayer group made it possible to send 48 bibles to the island country of Cyprus. Way to “Be the Church” Dave!  This is the first time we have sent bibles there and increases the number of total countries to 50 on 6 of the 7 continents.  We are still hoping for Antarctica any day now.  Can you imagine that we once had the dizzying expectation that we would eventually send out 10 bibles when we first started.  Needless to say God’s vision for all of our lives is much bigger than our own, lol.


Get Involved w Bible Senders

How you can get involved

Christianity is definitely a full contact sport and everyone is meant to be a player.  It doesn’t matter how old, young, rich, poor, smart or accomplished you are, the Kingdom has a place for you.  In addition to your faithful donations and support, we are in need of NIV large print bibles.  Every body can send one of those.  Getting involved doesn’t get much easier.

Why NIV & NIV Large Print you ask?

NIV are easier to understand and many of the prisoners are older and don’t see as well as they once did.  Large print makes reading more enjoyable when you can actually see the words.  If you would be so kind to send them to our PO Box, that would be great.

Bible Senders
PO Box 90
Palm Harbor, FL 34683