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Bibles for Prisons Ministry

The amount of men and women incarcerated all over the world is staggering and has created a need for a Bibles For Prisons Ministry. Having been involved in various Prison Ministries, I can tell you first hand that the immediate and long-term support needed for this type of Prison Ministry is great.

Bible Senders is supported by a large number of individuals, bible study groups and churches who faithfully send us cases of Bibles each month.  However, these new paperback NIV and ESV Large Print bibles are specifically earmarked for the Bibles For Prisons Ministry.  Above is a photo of one of those shipments, a total of 364 bibles bound for a Florida Prison.  Below we are handing them off to Tony Patrino for delivery to his Florida prison ministry.

Tony has been heading up this prison ministry at the Pasco County Correctional Facility for the past 3 years.  The weekly bible studies at this prison facility are available to male and female inmates and are attended by approximately 30 – 60 inmates each week.  As part of this prison ministry, CCWC (Calvary Chapel Worship Center) holds a weekly gathering for those inmates who have been released and have decided to continue their Christian walk.


bibles for prisons ministry donations

Bibles being passed to Tony

We would also like to give a shout out to the woman’s group that have been faithfully donating to the Bibles for Prisons Ministry.  What you ladies have done and the impact you are making is nothing less than life changing.  On behalf of Bible Senders, Tony and the prisoners, thank you all for these awesome donations.

If you would like to support the Bible For Prisons Ministry, please send new paperback NIV or ESV large print bibles to:

Bible Senders
PO Box 90
Palm Harbor, FL 34682

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