Bibles To The Philippines

Bibles to Philippines

Bibles To The Philippines

Bible Senders has sent bibles to the Philippines and around the world for almost ten years.  In fact, the very first bible we sent out went to the Philippines.  Not because we had any connections there but because it was the first email we ever received requesting a bible, so we sent them one.  If I remember correctly the cost then was around $11 for shipping.  Wow, how things have changed in ten years!

Ministries to the Philippines

Since that time and for reasons beyond our pay grade, we consistently find ourselves involved in various ministries sending bibles to the Philippines. This year has started off no different.  For the past four years we have been directly involved with a Tampa Bay ministry that takes yearly mission trips to the Philippines specifically to bring them new and used bibles and minister to the Pastors in the various villages.

This past January, 2016, we sent 157 study bibles to the Philippines that were given to Pastors in teaching crusades to help them better understand the scriptures so they could share that info on to their congregations.  From the reports we hear the mission trip was a huge success.  Now the Pastors have asked us if we could send 1,500 NIV bibles to continue spreading the Gospel and help instruct their congregations in the Word.

Cost of a Good Study Bible

So why the call for help? A good study bible in the Philippines costs around $80 (US).  Unfortunately the average Filipino earns around $100 / month making it near impossible to buy a bible.  We would really like to help but can only do it if the Spirit moves you and you get involved.

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Why the NIV Bible

While the NIV translation is not considered the most accurate it is among the easiest to read and understand.  Our mission is to put a bible into people’s hands the rest is up to the Big Boss.  You can send us bibles in English or Tagalog.  Most Filipinos are bilingual, either one will work.

Please send us your gently used NIV bibles or New NIV bibles so we can pass them on.  We appreciate your help.

Bibles To The Philippines