Bread of Life Clearwater Florida Homeless Feeding

Hearts On Fire - Feeding Clearwater, Florida Homeless

Bread of Life Clearwater Florida Homeless Feeding

In the U.S alone there are literally tens of thousands of grass-roots Christian groups that are out there spreading the Gospel. They vary in size from the mega giants down to the small 1-person shop. Richard Doot from Bread of Life Clearwater Florida Homeless Feeding, is one of those small groups. Since 2010, Mr. Doot faithfully goes to the south-west corner of Pierce and Myrtle in downtown Clearwater Florida to feed and clothe the homeless.

Many Christian groups are featured in magazines, church bulletins and are supported by countless donors.  Not so with Bread of Life Clearwater Florida Homeless Feeding.  This Christian group survives solely on the Grace of God and the efforts of Mr. Richard Doot.  

Richard, a House Painter by trade, is the sole supporter of the Bread of Life Clearwater Florida ministry.  Along with his small team of volunteers Richard supplies food and clothing for the homeless as well as spiritual nourishment, prayer and guidance from the Word of God.

Recently, Richard started a Go-Fund-Me campaign to raise $5,000.  That is the amount he spends each year feeding this little flock of Clearwater homeless brothers and sisters.  Bible Senders has supported Bread of Life Clearwater Florida Homeless Feeding for the last 4 years.  In addition to supplying bibles, Bible Senders also donates clothing from our sister company Blue Rose Trading Company, an online clothing store.  With all the craziness going on all around us, its good to know that the 100% of the money you donate is going to a cause you support.