Changing The World One Bible At A Time

Dear Pops,

My complaint to You this morning was that I felt beat up and unproductive.  Then You sent our friend Mercy over who picked up 350 bibles to hand out to the homeless, transition houses, a church and the Philippines.  He took bibles for children, teens and adults in English, Greek, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Arabic. In the process he turned to me and said, “You have no idea what an impact Bible Senders is having on a global scale.  It is much much bigger than you think. Not only are you reaching individuals but Pastors as well.”  He made me realize that I had lost sight of the big picture You gave me and that Bible Senders is changing the world one bible at a time.

So Pops, I know You are the Big Boss and I wanted to apologize for being a bit of a Debbie Downer.  I also wanted to thank You for all the people who make Bible Senders possible.  Not only those who pick up and deliver like Mercy but especially those who send us the bibles to give away.  Thank You for putting us on their hearts.  I know that You are able and willing to do more than I can possibly imagine but would You be so kind as to bless them 100 fold in return for their thoughts and efforts… I know you will.  BTW, please put it on some of their hearts to send us a few bucks.  Things have been a bit tight lately and You know me well and how I get when things are tight lol.  

Thanks for Your daily blessings and provisions YOU are the best.