Donate A Bible

Donate A Bible

Donate Your Bibles – We Need New Bibles!

What If The Next Bible You Donate…

finds its way into the hands of a young preacher or pastor like Billy Graham, Andrew Wommack, Joyce Meyer, Chuck Missler, Chuck Swindoll, Oral Roberts, John G. Lake, well you get the idea.  Now, imagine the impact just one of your donated bibles can make on the world!  Like sowing seeds, donating and giving away bibles for free is exactly the same… they do bear fruit.  Some will reproduce 30, 60 and even 100 fold, all you have to do is keep sowing those seeds!  So, come-on, donate a bible and put those bibles back to work.  We need your New and Gently Used Bibles to make this happen.

How to Donate a Bible…

Donate A Bible

Shipping Used Bibles:

There are many services that are willing to help you ship your donated bibles.  Over the years we have found that shipping bibles through the U.S. Postal Service as “Media Mail” is the least expensive way to send bibles.  If you are donating quantities of 300 bibles or more, a trucking company maybe your most cost-effective way of shipping.  If you are planning on donating such a large quantity, it is best to send us an email to discuss it.  If you have a better idea, we would like to know about it.  You can also purchase New Bibles and have them drop shipped directly to our P.O. Box.

Buying New Bibles:

Donate A Bible

There are a number of online wholesale book stores selling Christian books and bibles.  One of the perks is that they will ship your bibles directly to our P.O. Box.

We recommend, however there is no obligation to use them.

Please DO NOT send us King James bibles.  They are too hard for most people to understand.  Thanks for your understanding.

Donating Bibles Can’t Get Much Easier:

  1. Simply pack them in a sturdy and well taped box.
  2. Keep them under 40 pounds in weight.
  3. Take them to the U.S. Post Office and ship them as “Media Mail” to:

Bible Senders

P.O. Box 90

Palm Harbor, FL 34682


Suggestions For Shipping:

A few thoughts from our roughly 11-years of sending and receiving donated bibles.

1) Please, don’t make the bible boxes heavier than 40 pounds.  Boxes over that weight will most likely be mishandled, tossed instead of carried and dropped instead of placed down.  This results in torn boxes and for your bibles to become lost or damaged during shipping.

2) An extra piece of tape or two across the bottom of the box goes a long way.

Donate A Bible - Old Bibles

An Unsuable Bible We Received

3) I can’t think of any other way to say this than straight out.  Please, Please Don’t Send Us Unusable Bibles!  While we truly do appreciate all of your donations, many people send us old, torn and tattered bibles thinking we have a special way to dispose of them.  With all respect, the answer is “NO, we do not”.

Bibles that are torn, held together by rubber-bands, duck-taped, missing pages or paper clipped cannot be used.  No body wants them. Please save your money and time and don’t send them, we will only have to throw them out.



Instead of Spending Good Money To Send Old Tattered Unusable Bibles, Why not Become A Partner.

Partner With Bible Senders

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