Donations To Bible Senders

Bible Senders Donations

Donations To Bible Senders

Bible Senders is a Donor Supported Ministry.  Your support and donations to Bible Senders are key to reaching the millions of people world-wide who do not have a bible to call their own.  Sending a bible for Free to anyone who asks, anywhere in the world is not as hard as it sounds but it is more costly than you think.  All it takes is a few faithful individuals and their donations to Bible Senders to make it happen.  Everyday we all have an opportunity and the choice to make a difference in another person’s life.  Not by our words but by our actions.  Make today Your Day.  After all, you may be the only bible someone will ever read.

Ways To Support Bible Senders

There are many ways to support and make donations to Bible Senders.  Each one like a cog in a wheel is critically important.  We appreciate your support…

One Time Donation: Make a one time donation to Bible Senders in any amount.

Become A Monthly Partner: Become a faithful monthly partner with Bible Senders.

Send A Bible: Bible Senders has over 1,000,000 requests for bibles.  We need your new and gently used bibles as donations to answer the call.  If you prefer, you can purchase new bibles from The Christian Book Store here and have them shipped directly to Bible Senders.  Not sure what bibles to buy, check out our blog for the latest updates.

Prayer: Prayer is like a snowplow clearing a runway for takeoff and a continual supply of fuel along the way.  Without it we won’t get very far.  Specifically, you can pray for bibles to come in and the means to send them.  We have found that the most efficient and cost-effective way to send bibles is to physically put them into the hands of missionaries working in the trenches.