Handel’s Messiah

The video of Handel’s Messiah, can be seen by clicking the photo above or the link below.


For many around the world, Christmas wouldn’t be complete without witnessing or taking part in a performance of Handel’s “Messiah.”

Born in Germany, George Frideric Handel moved to London in his late thirties. He was an opera composer by trade however, as public interest in opera was waning in England, Handel began to consider that his retirement was near.

That’s when a friend, Charles Jennens handed him the lyrics for “Messiah.” Jennens, who was a literary scholar, complied scriptures from the Old and New Testament which documented prophecies about the Messiah, Jesus’ birth, death on the cross and His resurrection.

Being a deeply religious man and a very committed Christian, perhaps the penning of Messiah was a personal mission for Jennens as a way to push back against the secular view of the divinity of Jesus that was gaining momentum at that time.

Jennens wrote a letter to another friend saying, ‘I’ve done this scripture collection for Handel, and I hope that he will expend his best efforts on it so that it becomes his best oratorio because it’s certainly on the best subject.” The subject being Messiah.

It is believed that Handel composed “Messiah” in 24 hours. After listening to it many believe it was divinely inspired.