Letters From Friends

Here are a few emails we have received.  Thought you might like to read about the impact your support is making.

From: The Norton Family
Subject: Bibles
Dear Bible Senders,

We just received our Bibles today. Thank you very much and they will be put to great use with our large family. Thank you again and God Bless.


The Norton Family

From: Misty D
Subject: Large Print bibles

Hi my name is Misty and needing a bible but i cant see that well and i need a large print bible if that is possible thank you  Eustis, fl

From: Eerika N
Subject: A free bible

I don’t have a bible and I have never really been to church or anything but I feel like maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to actually see for myself what Christianity is about. So I would definitely like a bible, is there any chance you might be able to send one to me in Sweden? If so, my address is;

Eerika N
74381 Bälinge

From: Delores W
Subject: free bibles too bless the homeless:

Good morning
i would like to know how to get Bibles for homeless people in my neighborhood i will be honored to make a dotnation .i feed the  home people sometimes when GOD provides
thank you very much
i am 74yrs Blessed and want to Bless these people more by the word of GOD.

From: C.O Otusanya
Subject: Bible Received
i am writing to thank and appreciate bible senders ministry that i have received one bible from this ministry.  after receiving this bible and reading thru, a new life of christian living, joy, mercy, abundance have fully occupied my household.  even my wife and  my two children are very happy for  me, also we will appreciate to  received three more bibles

many thanks and GOD bless u all

From Crystalline R.M.
Subject: Thanks

We received the Bibles you sent a couple weeks ago, & we are so grateful & happy! You sent three, so we have plenty to share around within our family, including my husband, myself, & my husband’s parents, & it is so wonderful! My husband & I just recently gave our lives back to Christ a couple months ago (after 23 years astray for me), & we live in a very rural area where employment & income has been scarce for us, & we have been going more & more into debt just to provide the basics. The Word of God has been a great source of strength, support, endurance, & peace for us, & we are so thankful for your contribution to that.

Many blessings,

Crystalline R. M.