Your prayers are important for the success of The Bible Senders Ministry.  Prayers are like the long range bombardment of a target and a key to our supply chain.  Without your prayer the road would be much more difficult. 


Our Prayer For You:

It is important to know that while there may be many gods, God, the creator of the Universe, seen and unseen, known and unknown is a good God, our Papa (Abba).  The bible is full of promises from God to us and if such a God exists, than He must do what He says.  With this in mind, it is our belief that every word, every promise in the bible is true.  Think about it, if just one promise is false, then all the promises are false.  For if in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.  (1 Corinthians 15:19)

Hollywood loves to mockingly say that the truth will set you free but reality is, that it is only the truth you know that sets you free.  One plus one may be two but if you don’t know it, that truth will do you no good.

So, we pray that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob increases your knowledge, wisdom and understanding of who He is and what incredible promises are ours through his Son, Jesus.  We also pray that our God would give you the revelation of who Jesus is, what He has done and the incredible opportunity He has given to all of us. Not only for those of us who believe but for those who don’t.  Yes, He gave unbelievers the same promises.  For once we were all as they.  All they have to do is reach out and take them.