Purchase New Bibles

Purchase New Bibles

Buying New Bibles:

There are a number of online wholesale book stores where you can purchase new bibles.  One of the perks is that they will ship your bibles directly to our P.O. Box and in most cases they will ship it for free.

To purchase new bibles, we suggest the following:

Bibles By The Case, Bulk Bibles and Christianbook.com.

For the Bibles For Prisons Ministry please DO NOT send us King James or small print bibles.  They are too hard for most people to understand.  Thanks for your understanding.

Shipping Bibles on your own:

There are many services that are willing to help you ship your bibles.  Over the years we have found that shipping bibles through the U.S. Postal Service as “Media Mail” is the least expensive way to send bibles.  If you have a better idea, we would like to know about it.

Please have your bibles drop shipped directly to;

Bible Senders
P.O. Box 90
Palm Harbor, FL 34682

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