Say A Little Prayer


Say a Little Prayer:

Despite an  economy that seems to be struggling for a lot of people, every morning the vast majority of us fall asleep at night in a safe and secure environment with an expectation that we will wake up to the same secure surroundings.  Such a peace is an incredible gift from GOD.  What we have and take for granted is so much more than the life many of our brothers and sisters share while living in war torn countries scattered around the world.

Everyday there are sisters being sold into slavery, brothers who are being forced to pick up arms against their own families, mothers being raped and fathers being beheaded.  All of this happens because they believe that Jesus is their Messiah.

All believers know the end of the story but not many of us think through the process and occurrences that may happen in our own lives along the road from now until then.

So, when you lay your head down tonight, please say a little prayer for those members of our family that don’t have it so good.  Pray that GOD rescues them, sets them free, gives them strength and encouragement to stand firm in the faith while they endure such a testing of their faith.