We Need More Bibles

Bibles have have been flying out of here.  We sent out over 2,000 bibles in the last 3 weeks and we We Need More Bibles.  So, what kinds of bibles do we need?   Glad you asked.


We Need More Bibles

Bibles Needed:

Prisons Ministries – Large Print NIV Paperback.

Overseas Missions – Soft Leather Bound NKJ, NIV, Amplified

The Philippines Mission – Soft Leather Bound Study Bibles NKL. NIV, Amplified

New Church Start Ups – Pew bibles of any kind

US Street Ministries – Paperback preferably New Testament Pocket Bibles


Thanks to you and your generous gifts we have been able to send out bibles to 51 countries but with around 1 million requests per year we can always use more.

We Need More Bibles